Bloggy Break

Hello wordpresslings!

I am here to announce two things:

1) It is officially the first day of my summer break and I couldn’t be more relieved. There are many things coming my way! A trip to California next week, a BIG trip come August that is still in the works and a lot of magical times in between in good ol’ Arizona.

2) After much thought, I’ve decided to take a bit of an indefinite leave of absence from the Munching Mamacita. I’ve been focusing my energy elsewhere lately and food blogging hasn’t been as thrilling to me lately as it used to be. As much as I adore my blog as if it were my lover, I haven’t been giving it the tender loving care it deserves and instead…I’ve been cheating on him with another place to lay my thoughts (which is completely NOT food related). If you’d like to follow me at my newest word vomit location you can do so here.

Enjoy your summers (and rest of spring, technically speaking)!




Hora Feliz

As stated in my last post, the time has come to prepare for my final exams. And like all other years where I’ve prepared for my finals, it is this time of year that makes me question my work ethic and ponder where the fine line ends between slightly procrastinating to being a lazy bum.

You see, I am not and have never been one of those students that sits in the library at all hours of the night, ballooning my brain with as much information as possible just to throw it all up again come exam time. I am surrounded by those people. In fact, my roommate never showed up last night. I believe her biochemistry final and MCAT studies finally ate her alive in the midst of the dark and ominous library. Perhaps I should call her and make sure she’s not talking to herself again…

I am not that kinda student. Don’t get me wrong, I study and I review and I space out my studying so that I don’t risk the chance of my head becoming so full of information that it becomes too heavy and simply plops off and rolls away. But in a sense, I feel I am a tea pot and when the tea whistle begins to blow “ENOUGH!” I shut it off. I let my mind rest and I call it good.

Call it laziness, call it lack of study drive but I prefer to see it as keeping myself sane and keeping the balance in my life. It’s the yingyang method I’ve always felt that works best for me and, as you can tell, I haven’t dropped out of college yet (or failed a class, thank you very much).

That being said, what occurred yesterday evening at approximately 5:00 pm is completely justifiable and, better said, completely necessary.

(Sangria enters from stage left)

There’s nothing like happy hour at Tucson’s shwanky, Armitage, to keep you sane during a week of finals insanity.

My other roommate and I ventured out to the foothills with our fellow Spain gal, Alejandra to feast on some happy hour goodies and unpack our study baggage for a bit under the warm, Tucson sun.

Perhaps you remember these ladies from my time abroad in Madrid?

Here we are in Alcalá, sipping on some REAL sangria.

As for the sangria at Armitage? Eh, nothing too special. In fact, I felt like I was drinking a shirley temple more than sangria, but it was the company that surrounded me that made my happy hour most happy.

As well as the delicious food…

Ahi tuna sliders with cabbage slaw and ponzu dipping sauce. Be still my heart.

Hummus sprinkled with feta, cucumber, tomato and olives served with pita points

4 different types of bruschetta:

-Tomato & Mozzarella

-Mushroom & Gorgonzola

-Brie & Green Apple

-Parmesan/Asiago & Artichoke

Miss Kaitlin also ordered the appetizer burger and fries, which she shared with Alejandra…the other carnivorous one in the group.

They claim it was also fantastic.

As the afternoon turned to dusk and the sky began to glow a certain orange pink, we all separated back into our study caves and got back to work but it was definitely a great mind release to the everyday grind.

Now, it is a new day and there are just a few things on the agenda.

Study. Yoga. Study. Study. Bathe? Probably should. Study. Take a lab safety exam. Relax. Meditate. Drink herbal tea.

and then there is the possibility of camping tonight with a group of buddies. Whatever the outcome, tonight will be fun-filled.

Question: When you were a student/if you still are, how were/are your study habits? Did you cram the night before or sort of spread it out throughout the days? Also, I am running low on my tea supply. I’m thinking of making some from scratch but any recommendations out there on a good herbal or black tea that I just MUST try? I’m open to suggestions!



But that isn’t going to stop me from celebrating the end of classes today and expressing my desire…scratch that…my GREAT NEED to take a break from the books, the papers, the position papers, the journal articles and feeding tubes and statistic charts and…


The list goes on and on, folks. Yet, somehow the words “college is the best time of your life” seems to be on rewind and repeat in my brain for the past few weeks.

Anyhow, I took an in-between class and study break to catch up with my Spain ladies while chatting over sangria and a variety of happy hour appetizers. I will post these delicious treats along with a review of a classy Tucson joint soon enough, I promise.

As for now, I have just submitted a lengthy final paper to my nutrition counseling class which marks the end of all classes until finals next week and you know what this means…

mamacita is celebrating.

I think the popping of some type of bottle is in order, don’t you?

Have a fabulous evening ladies and gents.



Oh, Monday

On the agenda today:

1. Running to the local Whole Foods between classes for a much-desired vegan cookie. It’s been a while. My heart needs one.

2. Searching for a good n’ cheap turn table. Any suggestions?

3. Studying…meh, I’ll fit it in somewhere.

4. Try not to drive my roommates bonkers with songs on repeat (I tend to do this) such as this delightful song…

Where is my mind? I do not know these days. Perhaps I have lost it! It is probably in places it shouldn’t be. Tsk tsk tsk.

5. Skimming the daily rounds of blogs with this beauty added to the list of favorites (and my bookmark tab)

6. Starting my new book on the Buddhist perspective of losing one’s idea of self while working to better one’s self. If this sounds contradicting, it did to me too…hence, buying the book. Let the zen begin.

7. Working towards creating adventurous, delightful and mind-blowing plans for the future. On this, I shall keep you posted.



Is it summer yet?

What do you get when you mix three flower children + one kiddie pool + a pot of rice and beans and a couple of shady trees?

The result looks a little bit like my Saturday afternoon…

Welcome to the sanctuary.

Happy Sunday Everyone.



Twigs, Sticks and Soil

Mountain time with the roommate was as enlightening as expected.

With a book full of study notes, a packed picnic and a side of inspiration provided by Baba Ram Dass and his book which holds teachings of mind-blowing capacity, we set out on an afternoon adventure to be completely isolated and away from the world.

Just for those mere few hours the humble jumble of Tucson life below us seemed but a mere memory and we were able to escape.

avocado. bluecornchips. kalamataolives. salsa. picklejar. cheesesticks. deliciousredstrawberries. peanutsintheirshells. apples

Was all very much glorious and very much filling

We ended the study woodland session with a quiet road trip down the mountain during sunset.

We stopped along the way to enjoy the views…

The rest of the weekend has been increasingly getting better. With the new addition of a kiddie pool in our backyard and a make-shift study table under our shady trees, I think I’ll be much readier awaiting the summertime with open arms and a mason jar of ice cold tea.

Have a lovely rest of your Saturdays.



Quote of the day: “The most important aspect of love is not in giving or the receiving: it’s in the being. When I need love from others, or need to give love to others, I’m caught in an unstable situation. Being in love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me.” -Ram Dass

Mountain Melancholy

Going up to the mountains today for a little downtime.

It’s been needed for a little while now. Isn’t it funny how when life tries to slap you on the behind it slaps you hard? With finals coming up in a week, a GRE looming ahead of me and many other stresses added to the list I’ve been in a dreamy mood lately. I’ve had visions of meadows and fireflies in my sleep and have longed for the summer breeze of New England or Michigan weather.

My roommates and I have adorned our casita with mason jars filled with summer flowers and quirky feathers. We’ve spent hours having guitar and tambourine sing-alongs to the best of Cocorosie and Devendra Banhart with evenings spent under twinkling lights listening to the soothing sounds of Sufjan.

It’s been a hard week this one for me and my roommates alike but at least we have each other to get us through the storm.

A spread of fresh fruit and other nibblets are on the menu for today’s picnic along with a side of clinical nutrition notes and my Colombian straw hat.

Today is a new day and I am the bliss in the universe.