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Current song obsession up in hurr

I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold

I’ll be fine once I get it, I’ll be good ๐Ÿ™‚


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Whattup peeps?

My Thursday madness is officially OVER…well, if you don’t count the massive amounts of school work I have to conquer by this evening. It’s only 1:30 and I’ve been up for 8 hours. My body doesn’t function like this. nneeeeeddd sleeeppp…

I can almost guarantee that after this post I will be passing out for a good hour or so, but before my eyes close on you and I go into mid-sentence coma, here is what’s been going on for the day:

First step…waking up. It. Was. Brutal. If I haven’t already mentioned this 5 billion times before, I have trouble falling asleep in the first place, so waking up extra early on top of that? My idea of hell.

Surprisingly, though, I managed to get up early enough to leave time to eat (thank god) because I wouldn’t have another chance to stuff-face until after noon.

I made this to-go on my commute to the elementary school today:

Almond butter, pumpkin butter and bananarama sandwich on TJ's quinoa bread. hello lover.

Hey…check out that broken hookah chillin on my counter behind the plate. See it? Funny story…

Last night while typing up my blog, I was just minding my own business in bed when I hear the gravel crunching right outside my window. Next, I hear a little tap tap tap on my window pane and then WHAT I THOUGHT was someone breathing. I tried to be super still and quiet to hear the scary rapist (because obviously that’s what it was) and while trying to be super sneaky and make “it” leave, I let out a huge sneeze. Good job Anna, you suck at life. Now, of course, I was thinking “Sh*t, he knows I’m in here…my time has come…” so I leapt out of bed and ran to my cousin’s room (that’s who I live with btw) and knocked on his door like I was announcing the coming of the apocalypse. I definitely had woke him up, so half asleep he runs out with his broken piece of hookah that he broke recently (cuz that’ll surely scare ’em away) and we stood by the door for a good 5 minutes only to realize that it was…a tree. A tree being shook by the wind. So clichรฉ. Now that I think about it, it’s really not THAT great of a story, but I’m gonna post this anyway because I just spent a good 10 minutes of my life writing it out.

Now that you’re officially bored, this is my snack that ย I had after I washed and bagged a million tomatoes for a bazillion elementary school kids today:

Cashew Cookie larabar

I love these bars. They keep me full ’till lunch and they are so au natural.

Ready for the ingredient list?

1. cashews

2. dates

3. food gasms

That’s it folks.

After hours on end in class discussing the female anatomy, pregnancy and menstruation (oh how I love to discuss such beautiful topics before lunch) and then an hour and a half of talking about obesity (is it bad if I admit I was thinking about what I was going to eat during this discussion?), my friend Grace and I went to a great salad place on campus called, “Core,” to chat it up and eat our greens.

I chomped on this nutritionally delicious rabbit food:

Hi, i'm fiber. Nice to meet you.

Ready for this mix?

mixed greens, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, LOTS OF BEETS, water chestnuts, purple cabbage, cukes, green apples, black-eyed peas (sans Fergie), peppercinis, avocado, and fat-free balsamic on the side. Phew.

It was quite the delicious lunch with a side of fabulous company. My friend Grace and I have really similar outlooks on food and life in general. We both admitted to having issues with baking a healthy batch of, say brownies, and then eating half the pan of said brownies, which completely counter-acts the point of making them healthy in the first place. That is why I have come to bake things and then give them to my cousin who I call the human garbage disposal. More in his belly, less on my ass ;). tee hee.

We also had a lovely talk about school (and how we’re catching that senioritis early on), problems with the male species (I shall name mine Mr. Big. Sex and the city reference anyone?), and then we also discussed the topic of faith.

Grace is super in-touch with her faith and, at times, I feel like I wish I had that type of stability or belief in something that when life crisis arrives (cough school cough work cough Mr. Big), then I have that to turn to and get me through it. Don’t get me wrong, I have an amazing support-system of family and friends, but it’s that deeper inner belief system that I seek once in a while. I was raised catholic, but there are many things that coincide with my beliefs and those of the catholic church. It would be nice to have that something that reassures me that everything is gonna be okay once in a while (other than my mom who is really good at that too). I’m very interested in researching a little bit about eastern religion, mainly Buddhism and definitely attending more yoga classes to help me find that inner peace. I used to practice yoga quite a lot, but among other things, it got pushed aside in my jumbled mind to “something i’ll do when I find the time.” You know what? I’m gonna make the time.


Have a great afternoon everybody ๐Ÿ™‚


Munching Mamacita

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That’s how I’d like to describe my night. Back-to-back Zumba classes, one that I taught, and one that my amazing mentor taught. ‘Twas glorious. Almost 2 hours of straight booty shaking.

Anywho, enough about my booty…let me tell you how I fueled:

Last night I left you with my thoughts about a possible “whatever is in the freezer” soup creation. Created it. Looked like dis:

Asian-style veggies, brown rice, vegan miso soup mix with lil' cutie tofu squares

Not gonna lie, it wasn’t my best creation, but I ate it anyway because I was hungry and lazy and didn’t want to make something else.

This morning I was scrambling to make it to class on time (story of my life) and so *surprise, surprise* I didn’t have time to eat. You’d think that would be my priority over putting on make-up or doing my hair because, psh, it’s class. I just can’t stand not looking decent for society. Don’t get me wrong, I have my no make-up days and wear sweats all around this casa, but if I’m gonna be on campus for hours, I can’t look like a zombie.

SO ANYWAYS–can you tell i’m ADD? I grabbed a bowl of cereal at this place on campus called “The Cereal Boxx” I think there’s two x’s but I could totally be making that up. I don’t usually go to this place because, even though the concept is great, I can buy a box of cereal for 4 dollars instead of one bowl. That’s my poor college student attitude kicking in. Even so, the cereal was mighty tasty. It was called “The health nut.”

Kashi Go Lean cereal, Special K (yay for ZERO fiber...not), blueberries, bananas, sliced almonds, dried cranz and soymilk

Held me for hours

Class went by, then an attempted study session that turned into a nap and I decided to refuel for Zumba

I bought these burgers the other day from Whole Foods and had yet to try them out

mooooooophrey. clever.

They were alright. Nothing to write home about (not that I would ACTUALLY write to my parents describing in detail the contents of such a delicious burger. What a weird saying. I’m guessing it was created around WWI?)

I paired it with these little snackeroos. Ultimately, it was all I had left in the freezer and fridge.

soy patty topped with organic bbq and carrots, side of sweet potater fries, suga snaps, and the infamous red bloob

Was a nice little lonchi

Finished it off with my little mushy lemon friend

After digesting, “Reggie” picked me up and we went to our zumba-thon.

I had a fantastic class! My daddy-pie showed up and he totally made the class ten times betta. He is a very vivacious and lively man, with a lot of latin and italian blood in him. He likes to hoot and holler and dance with the best of them. What a guy.

In other exciting news, I may have gotten another job as…wait for it…a BACK UP DANCER. No…not as in a thong-sporting, fake boob bouncing, rapper-grinding, k-fed-status back up dancer. More like, one of 4 dancers for a new salsa group that will be performing all around Tucson.

So. Freaking. Psyched.

The guy putting together this group came in to watch my class because he’d heard great things about it through the Zumba grapevine. I love my fellow zumba addicts.

All in all, it was a great class. So to continue the Zumba mood, me and “Reggie” drove back downtown to our favorite Zumba hot-spot. The YMCA. Y-M-C-A *does arm movements while singing aloud and scaring the roommate*

We were both STARVING between classes, so Reggie busted out her handy dandy snack pack from her purse because she is secretly mary poppins and we split these bars:

PB & J larabars = scrumdiddlyumptious. Cookies N' Cream luna bar = oreo cookie wannabe

Then we continued to zumba are arses off and left with big ol’ smiles on our very sweaty faces.

After leaving Zumba heaven, I was in dire need of something refreshing, cold and sweet. I had every intention of making a smoothie tonight. Reggie and I even hit up the local whole foods because she was craving a can of refried beans. She’s probably so pissed I put that up here (don’t worry, she’s sleeping alone tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), but anyway, I bought bags and bags of fruit, some new protein powder i’m urking to try, and a bunch of other sh*t that I didn’t need but got anyway because Whole Foods is my utopia and I practically float down the aisles in bliss. I realize I’m weird.

While driving home, I had a sudden serious pain in my stomach, very similar to my not-so-hot reaction to dairy products. I will spare you the details, but needless to say, I was no longer very hungry. I ate this simply for the probiotics and because I don’t want to be a ravenous monster when I wake up tomorrow and eat my kitchen.

ate this while yapping away on a long distance phone call. who says the attention-deficit disordered can't multi-task? Or talk with their mouthfuls?

P.s. please note the crackberry in hand that I can’t even put down to take a picture. I am a victim to addicting technology.

Alright buggaboos, I’m off to bed. Up again at 5:30 tomorrow (holy yuck) but guess what…IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND. Get your party pants on. I’m looking forward to bottomless glasses of vino after this week.

love yous!



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I was quite inspired by This lovely lady’s post yesterday about things “I bet you didn’t know.” Since this is a pretty new blog and many of you out there don’t know much about me, I thought i’d partake in this bet you didn’t know business.

Here we go…

I bet you didn’t know…

…I was almost named Victoria when I was born.

…both my parents are fluent in Spanish, but I didn’t learn until just the last few years.

…I have been to 13 countries outside of the U.S.

…the one place I want to travel to is Thailand.

…I have never smoked a cigarette.

…I’m a huge Lil’ Wayne fan.

…My dog “Diva” was a gift from my high school sweetheart. His mom named her.

…I was a cheerleader during my high school days.

…I was thisclose to going to NYC to pursue my art career when I graduated HS, but changed my mind at the last minute.

…I had blonde streaks in my hair when I was 14. It was an awkward phase.

…there was a 2 month period in my life where I had a gap tooth. Even more awkard phase.

…the biggest non-vegan craving to this day is my mom’s sour cream and chicken enchiladas.

…I am not entirely convinced that monogamy and marriage are realistic.

…my favorite color is purple.

…I’ve had a summer romance that could be written into a novel.

…I was taught by a professional circus clown how to make animal balloons. I’m completely serious.

…chocolate chip cookies are my biggest weakness.

and finally…

…I am planning on studying in Spain this upcoming fall semester!

What are some things I don’t know about you? Do tell ๐Ÿ™‚

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Monday mornin

whole wheat waffle smothered in almond buttah and superfruit spread. check out those bedazzled toes peeking out underneath. bling.

not even 1/2 cup agave-sweetened granola. I was feelin carby.

Todays breakfast:

Starbucks unsweetened soy latte and an anna banana

Yesterday’s lunch:

Yoshimatsu with the mum

Green Tea. Looks like the pee of a super dehydrated person. TMI?

cute japanese decorating. So feng shui. Is feng shui japanese?

meeso hungry fo miso soup. One fo me and one fo mama

holy lots-o-food. Vegetable udon soup. Avocado roll. Cucumber salad. Gotta love those lunch specials

"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think i'm gonna eat some worms!!! Fat ones, skinny ones, long ones..." I don't remember the rest of the song :/

Lunch for today:

just another great 4th ave restaurant with the pops

Two lunches out two days in a row where I DIDNT have to pay? Yes, please.

hummus, avocado, cucumber, and lettuce pita with a side of rainbow-colored fruit

Today I had a great talk with my Dad about the troubles that seem to float around my mind (recall my word-vom post from last night). He really made me feel better. It’s all about living one day at a time, people. Gotta roll with the punches. Am I right?

Dinner last night was a date with Lil’ N with our weekly dose of Gossip Girl. We decided to order thai takeout because we’re both are thai obsessed. I could live off curry.

When ordering over the phone, we had a little trouble communicating our order. It reminded us a lot of this little SATC tid bit:

We split these GINORMOUS food items

vegetable pad thai (ordered without the egg and the fish sauce)

my plate: pad thai with tofu & vegetable panang curry over brown rice

For dessert we had the classic Thai sweet mango sticky rice. Ugh, food gasm.

you know you love my gingerbread man plate

I have yet to eat dinner this evening so I’ll just throw it in another random post probably tomorrow. I’ve been eating out so much that I’m getting a little worn out on the take-out (is that even possible?). I’ll probably throw together a soup or a lil sumpin sumpin lata.

One thing that I did today that I was thrilled with the end result was this:

Mission gluten-free, vegan, lemon poppyseed bread DONE. WOOHOOOO!!!

Unfortunately, the end product STILL wasn’t exactly how we wanted it to be. We ended up using an egg-replacer and some lemon soy yogurt to get the consistency of the muffin to work, but I don’t think I’m gonna post the recipe on here. If any of you want it, though, let me know and I’d be happy to e-mail it to you. They came out a tad mushy but the flava was dead on!

Elise glazing our babies

check out all the other goodies people made. We could start a bakery up in hurr

After class, I swung by Seester’s house to pick her up so she could go to the grocery store and pick up her beloved celery and whipped cream cheese. I bought some almond milk and was having an intense craving for chocolate so I snagged a box of thees:

Tasted like a brownie. So good. and the ingredients weren't spooky at all!

While me and Seester gabbed away on my couch about life in general, she chomped on celery dipped straight into her lactose-laden dip, and I busted out the peanut butter because I just couldn’t help myself.

straight into the jar. classy.

I also added some unpictured raisins to the little celery logs, because I’m 5 and like to eat my ants.

I’d also like to mention the fact that Seester and I completely PTFO’d on my couch for like 2 hours together. I love that we can spend time together and not even need to be conscious to do so. I read her some good laughs from “texts from last night” as her little lullaby, and once her mouth was gaping open and she was snoring, I went into a coma as well. We woke up, and it was dark out. Fabulous.

Now I’m off to try and put together some new Zumba moves because I MIGHT just have another job offer tomorrow :). I don’t wanna spill the news quite yet, but if all goes well, I’ll let you guys in on my little secret. Have a great rest of your evenings.


Munching Mamacita

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I have a whole day’s worth of goodies to share with you for today, but I’m afraid that I just have too much on my mind to really backtrack and explain the day’s details, so I will save that for tomorrow. I am up at 5:30 en la maรฑana tomorrow and have a looooong day ahead of me, but I feel like it’s going to be another night of insomnia for this girl.

Sometimes my head just fills up with too many thoughts at once and I fear it will explode. If anything, this little bloggy helps to keep me sane. I find that writing out my day’s events is quite therapeutic, and although I don’t usually use this space to vent, I figure it’s my blog so I can do what I want!

Plus…I’m not sure WHO is really reading this out there. For all I know, I’m typing away my thoughts to the infinite black hole of internet space.

My thoughts tonight revolve mainly around ethics. Who is to say what is ethical? What defines ethics? I don’t mean to go off on a philosophical tangent here, but it’s just something that boggles my mind every so often. Quite often, actually.

For instance, when does following your heart cross the line of being unethical? Are you to follow society’s ideas of ethics in order to make everyone else happy even it might make you miserable? What if there is something you have an unbelievable passion for but it is socially unacceptable?

Have I lost you yet?

Is all REALLY fair in love and war? Is that taking things a bit too far? Alright, well, I realize this is a completely ambiguous post but this is up for anyone’s interpretation. I’ll leave you with this poem that just seems to speak to me tonight:

I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope. For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; and wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith. But the faith, and the hope, and the love are all in the waiting. And so the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness, the dancing. ~TS Eliot

Sorry for the mysterious rant of never-ending word vomit. It all makes sense in this head of mine. Promise tomorrow will be bright and sunny! G’night dearies.



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All grown up

That’s what my brother is. I am still in disbelief at the fact that he is a TEENAGER. Not only that, but I swear he has grown a foot since the last time I saw him. For any of you that have known my brother, you know he has quite the old soul. I love him for his maturity and ability to hold the most interesting conversations. He’s finally at the age where I can give him advice on “how to deal” with living with the rents. Although, my parents are pretty awesome so there’s not much to say.

After leaving you with Saturday’s post yesterday, I ate a bowl of oats with almond butter, rasberries, and hemp protein powder (sorry, no pic). Then, I headed over to my parents place to pick up my brother for a birthday-fun-filled-day. I live about 30 ish minutes from my parents (which has been a blessing more than a curse in college, I must say), and as close by as they are from me, I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I’d like. Two of my family members were still snoozing away when I came home:


Diva. The spoiled brat.

My parents were both gone during the day yesterday (mom had to work and Dad had a softball game…pretty sure his entire team smells like Bengay btw) so it was just me and the Bro left to frolick around Tucson.

First stop was the video game store where I bought him his bday gift that I let him pick out because I had no idea what he wanted. Then we went to lunch. I asked him where he wanted to go and his reply was “Burger King or pizza.” Ahem, I swear we are related on some level. I refused to fuel his fast-food addiction, so pizza it was…


Sauce is definitely a favorite of mine when it comes to pizza. They offer a large variety of gourmet, thin-crust pizzas, as well as pastas, paninis, and bangin’ salads. We sat out on the patio, enjoying the beautiful AZ spring weather while chowin down.

The birthday boy!

We decided to split a pizza. I also ordered a large veggie salad because sometimes, I too have the hunger of a teenage boy…trapped in a college girl’s body.

Veggie salad w/ mixed greens, corn, tomatoes, carrots, cukes, avocado, asparagus in a light lemony vinaigrette

Can you guess which side was mine? ๐Ÿ˜‰

His side: greasy, cheesy, mouth-watering pepperoni pizza

My side: cheese-less, wild mushroom and truffled arugula, drizzled with olive oil. YUM.

It was a lovely lunch and I got to spend some quality time and had some quality laughs with the little bro. He’s such ham! I especially love his impersonations of our parents ;). I really hope you’re reading Mom & Dad.

After lunch, we decided to head right next door (how convenient, eh?) to one of Tucson’s best gelato shops:

Frost has some of the BEST gelato i’ve ever had outside of Italy. It’s creamy, fresh, and there are the most interesting flavors. Lucky for me, they offer a whole case of non-dairy, non-fat sorbets, which are just as delicious! My brother chose the mint-choco-chip…which is my all-time pre-vegan favorite, and I chose limoncello, the italian, super-tart lemon liqueur.

you have died and gone to heaven, welcome

lemon love โค

siblings ๐Ÿ™‚

After sufficiently stuffing-face, we headed out to meet our Dad at the movies. Third movie in one week…so not like me. We saw “Clash of the Titans,” which was, um, ok I suppose. Typical guy movie. Don’t get me wrong, I like an action flick here and there and anything with Angelina Jolie kicking ass and loading pistols I’d check out (I’d also be her lesbo lover and I’m completely straight, but that’s neither here nor there). Wow totally off track. Anyway, the movie was decent. My brother liked it. That’s all that matters. End of story.

After said movie (and a lesbian lover tangent), we went home and spent a lil’ time vegging out at the casa. My mom came home from work and we sat and chatted while she read up on herhighly-intellectual world news, aka US weekly. While she trash-magazine read, I snacked on these lil’ buggers:

veggie chips (I think a fried vegetable might be considered ironic, or an oxymoron but they were delicious nonetheless)

…and if you were wondering, yes I ate the flowers.

It was nice to just chillax at home for a while and spend time with the familia, but they all started getting super hungry and kinda cranky so we riled up to get our grub on.

After a good 35 minutes of restaurant-debating (like I said, my brother would have suggested we take a family outing through the Burger King drive-thru), we decided on P.F. Chang’s. Never gets old.

We started with a kettle of tea decaf ginger peach tea.

just a spot o' tea for me. cheerio.

We started off dinner with the vegetarian lettuce wraps. Tofu-licious. I’m so glad I have an open-minded family when it comes to my veganism. They’ll eat tofu any day of the week. They’ll also eat chicken, beef and turkey but I try not to pick on them ;).

lettuce cup of love

We also ordered 4 dishes to be shared between all of us. My brother and Dad both got meat dishes, but my mom and I stuck to the tofu theme.

Ma Po Tofu and brocc

Coconut Curry tofu and vegetables (told them I had a dairy allergy to get rid of any milk products ๐Ÿ˜‰ sneaky sneaky)

My plate

These plates are my favorite dishes at P.F. Chang’s. Unfortunately, my mom and I forgot to ask for the sauce on the side for the Ma Po tofu like usual, so it came drowned in that rich brown sauce, which is super salty and kinda ruined it for me :/. The coconut curry, on the other hand, was incredibly flavorful and not spicy in the least bit (for all you spice-haters out thurr). I found that telling the waitress I have a dairy allergy makes them much more accommodating to my needs than if I were to say I were vegan (I’ve gotten blank stares in the past). Just a tip if you’re joining the dairy-less bandwagon.

After our bellies were full and content, my brother got his “cake”

what a stud

Then he opened up his last gift for the evening:

Oakley boarding goggles. He'll be lookin so fly on the slopes next season

We were all stuffed to the gills by the time we left, but it was a great night and I was glad to be back with those that know me best.


The gringo side of my family

We drove back to my parents and ended the night having a jam sesh with the little broski

what a ladies man. This is us singing "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional together.

Sometimes it just feels so good to go home.

Hope you’re having a great day back to the grind, folks.


Munching Mamacita

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