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Food Photoshoot

What’s up buggaboos?

Sorry I’ve been sort of MIA the past few days. I’ve been packing my days with friends, fun and sun, so playing catch-up on the blog is a little past due. Instead of boring you with the standard “I went here, I did this, blah…blah…blah…” I thought I could just give you a food photo-shoot and then give you details on the best parts of the past few days :).

Here we goooooooo…

Soy latte. Also referred to as morning crack.

Starbucks huevos rancheros wrap

Kinda like a healthier breakfast hot pocket. I’ve underestimated Starbucks’ ability to make decent food. I probably won’t be buying this very often, but as a on-the-go-I-have-nothing-to-eat brekkie, I recommend it.


egg, beans, salsa, cheese (which I couldn't even tell there was there)

vegan Boca burger with pickles and bbq

I stole this from the people that Reggie babysits for. I was totally that friend that comes over while the kids are napping to keep my good friend sane and eat other people’s food. We also stole some afternoon crack (which differs from morning crack, obviously)

puffins and soy milk. Perf.

oh yes I did

Well, sort of. This was at my parents house the other night, freshly-ordered. I can’t even tell you the last time I had delivery pizza. No idea. Instead of popping a lactaid, I just ripped off all the cheese (which, like Snackface so pleasantly mentioned before, is kinda reminiscent of snot. Gross.) and I ate it with just the sauce. Yup, crust and sauce. My kinda pizza.

Greek yogurt, welcome back into my life, lover

Since transitioning back to vegetarianism, rather than being a hard-core vegan, I have yet to include greek yogurt back into my diet. Why? No idea. I mean, mac n’ cheese, ice cream, fro-yo and many other creamy things have been back in my life, but one true dairy love had not made an appearance.

It was missed.

This bowl was consumed yesterday for lunch and included about 1/3 of a cup oatmeal, about 5 strawbizzles and one Fage 0% greek yogurt.


I also poured some of this on top:

O-face. Hehe.

Dinner last night was a blog classic, but tweaked a bit

beans and weiners. Sub weiners for chunks of butternut squash.

I’ve seen sweet potato/baked bean mixes all over the food blog world these days, but butternut squash did just the trick of filling me up and satisfying the tastebuds. For a super-quick and super-filling meal, I’d definitely make this.

Of course, dessert was not lacking


Reggie and I hit up the local fro-yo hot spot (Malibu for any of you Tucsonans of U of A-ers) last night. I was feeling decadent and when I spotted Dulce de Leche as one of the flavors, I knew I HAD to get it.

You see, last summer, I spent a few weeks in Argentina, where dulce de leche is like water to those people. It was EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING. When we took a visit to the zoo with a few of my baby cousins, we went to an ice cream parlor that had about 20 different variations of the dulce de leche flavor. Those Argentineans take their dulce very seriously. For any of you that have never heard of dulce de leche, it is very similar to caramel, in fact, it many times is mistaken for it.

The fro yo was a dulce de leche and vanilla mix, topped with oreo crumbles and peanut butter chips. Sent me right back to Argentina. I miss it so much :(.

Breakfast this morning was the Colombian classic: coffee with cereal

caffeinated O-face. Ok, I need to stop with the insinuations. I hope I'm making some of you laugh.

Lonche de hoy:


Squiggly squid salad, shrimp spring rolls, and some unpictured cali rolls (made with salmon instead of imitation crab for some boost in protein and omega-3’s).

A few things that went unpictured the last few days was a bowl of cereal or two, and a few dips of straight peanut butter out of the jar. Yup. That’s how I roll.

As for the highlights of the past few days:

1. Lots of time with friends. Reggie and Go-go boy have kept me sane.

2. A sex and the city session with Reggie. Never gets old. I could quote satc allll dayyyyy.

3. Tonight, there were more men in my Zumba class than women. Hell to the yes. It was pretty sweet.

4. POOL TIME. This, I happened to capture on film.

Me and Reg. Can you tell who is who?

Funny story, Reggie and I always get the same outfits UNINTENTIONALLY. We have been friends for years and always manage to buy the same stuff. Recently, her mother picked out a dress for her that I happened to pick out for myself at a store that neither of us EVER go to. Of course, bathing suits are not an exception. We met up at the pool to find out we were wearing the same identical white bikini and carrying the same handbag. Awesome. I’m sure people thought we were really cool.

life does not get more fabulous than this. Ok, maybe if we were at the French Riviera. Just, maybe.

Also, please note Go-go boy’s toes. Cute! haha

love her

unexpected dramatic glamour close-up


Anna: Hello World

World: Hello Anna

Now, I am off to eat a little something before heading out for ladies night at bar in town with the girls. We haven’t had a girls night out in about 2 weeks, so it’s about time. It is summer, after all. We can only stay out of trouble for so long before we get ancy ;).

Have a wonderful evening, blog world.




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So listen to this and feel the buzz.


Your MM

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If you guessed me, you would be correct.

You see, sometimes when I am around certain people I tend to not parade around the fact that I have a food blog and so taking pictures of my food kinda gets shafted. My B.

It’s not that I’m ashamed of food blogging! Not at all! If anything, I know that some of my best friends love to read it, so it’s not all a lost cause, but explaining the blog to certain people can be, well, intimidating.

This ended up happening this weekend on my camping trip up to Tucson’s amazing Mt. Lemmon with some good friends.

Soooooo…this blog will mainly consist of the few pictures I took of the trip (which ended up looking like a photoshoot of my friend Nicolas than anything else. He’s just so gosh darn handsome I couldn’t help myself ;)) and I will explain in a few words what went down and what I ate.

Let the short narration begin:

Car ride up. Introducing Nicolas:

Ignore his dreamy look. He is really just a big goofball trying to fool the camera.

Go-go boy:

cheesy smile but still brilliant

a girl I don't really know being attacked by pillows


Crazy friends:

Beautiful sunset with a beautiful person:

I love Arizona sunsets

Shenanigans ensuing:


Nicolas' beloved gluten-free smore. Basically two double fudge cookies, topped with hersheys chocolate and a mallow. Decadent.

(Nick is glutent-intolerant so he couldn’t eat regular graham crackers like the rest of us. Poor guy, psh NOT. This thing was delicious. I stole a bite ;))

I also ate one smore with dark chocolate and mallow-graham cracker decadence.

Before the smore, I ate one veggie burger that I heated on a stick over the fire (um, no I’m not joking) and then put on a arnold sandwich whole wheat thin with ketchup and mustard. On the side, I had a few barbecue chips and lots of agua.

moving on to…


sleeping beauties


...and frowns. Spilled mustard makes for one yellow disaster 😦

Food porn close-up. This is a cookie smore, not a cowpie

Don’t believe it was good? Look at this ravenous beastly face for evidence:


Next day’s scenery (as in today):

While the rest of the group ventured back down to hell Tucson, Nicolas and I stayed up to soak up the cool weather as much as possible and grab some brunch.

At the top of the mountain we found this place:

Note the gluten-free crepes available for Mr. glutent-intolerant!!! What a lucky guy.

My crepe (which went unpictured) was not gluten-free, but regular wheaty goodness. Inside was a mix of 1 scrambled egg, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, basil pesto, and goat cheese. It was glorious.

Nicolas chose the BLT, gluten-free crepe, which he added scrambled eggs and avocado to. Without the bacon, I’d eat this in a second. It looked bomb.

He seemed to like it, too:

After brunchin’, it was time to pack up camp and head back down to the heat-hole known as Tucson.

feeling grungy


It was such a great trip and I can’t wait until the next one! Camping, especially this time of year, is a great way to escape the Tucson heat that can be so suffocating!

As for this evening, I’m planning on meeting up with Reggie later to discuss our weekends (since I haven’t seen her in days! Oh the horror!!) and I’ve eaten a piece of toast with pb and chicken-less “chikn” patty with bbq sauce. I have no excuse for not taking pictures of this other than sheer laziness and the fact that my brain is all over the place and i’m daydreaming way too much ;).

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend hunnybuns!


Munching Mamacita

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Wish I could give you a long, juicy post but I’m getting ready to walk out the door to go camping!!!

I am psyched. I haven’t been camping in ages, nor have I seen some of my buddies that I’m going with (my friend Nick moved to Phoenix a while back and I haven’t seen his handsome face in way too long). A group of us is hoping to meet up with my friend Go-go boy and a group that he’s going with to have one mondo camping party. Woop woop!

Should be fun.

As always, my camera is coming along for the ride so pictures of they mayhem will be captured ;).

I leave you with a song by Bright Eyes. Keep those smiles on your faces 🙂



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Feeling Fishy

Hi 🙂

How are ya?

It’s Friday!!!! Exciting for a lot of you, no??

I am excited because it means that a lot of my friends can come out and play. Woohoo! I’m hoping for another BBQ or get-together like the other night (on my last post).

Speaking of my last post, right after I wrote up about our summertime BBQ feast, my stomach started grumbling again. Alright, so maybe it was 2 am and I hadn’t eaten for like 5 hours. And maybe I shouldn’t be staying up till 2 am for no apparent reason, other than watching VH1 specials on Woodstock. Regardless, I cooked up a little comfort food special.

harvest wheat mac n' cheeeeeeeese

And really, who stops at one serving? Maybe those with self-control, perhaps. Psh.

ooey gooey cheesy goodness. And I used to be vegan. HAH.

2 am mac and cheese. Is there anything better?

The next morning, I wasn’t very hungry (since I had pretty much eaten right before I passed out) so I waited a couple hours before breakfasting <– is that a word?

When I did eat for brekkie, this is what was on the menu:

What you see here is a whole wheat english muffin with Trader Joe’s peanut butter and bloobs, with a side of scrambled eggies (1 whole egg + 1 egg white) with sauteed spinach.

Top eggs with a little bit of dis:

only the best hot sauce ever...

and you’re done.

After fueling up (and unintentionally carbo-loading in the middle of the night), I decided to get a good work out in for the day (not counting teaching Zumba later that evening).

I ran my booty over to the university rec center, and hopped on a treadmill for a little cardio time (only about 30 minutes worth) then I went to pumping a little iron.

I did some lat pulls and shoulder press and then met up with Go-go boy for the real part of my work out.

He. Kicked. My. Ass.

Go-go boy was a fantastic personal trainer. He even made me do the deathly-I-hate-them-but-need-to-do-them push-ups that I despise. We did lots of ab work (my abbies are screaming today) with some planks, side planks, and work with the stability ball. I was spent.

Then, I changed out of my sweaty clothes and hopped into my itty bitty white bikini to head to the pool. Reggie met up with me and Go-go boy to catch some rays and cool off in the pool.

It was glorious.

A few hours later, I was back home and craving something cold to soothe my hot bod (I mean temperature, people. Sheesh).

Enter this beauty:

What went into the blender included:

– 1/2 cup chocolate soy milk

-1/2 cup original almond milk

– 1/4 cup frozen cherries (P.S. CHERRIES ARE A GREAT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, SO EAT THEM AFTER A WORK-OUT FOR                                                   BEST RESULTS)

-1/4 cup frozen raspberries

-1 whole ripe banana

-1/2 tsp. of maca powder

-2 Tablespoons organic vanilla hemp protein powder (from Trader Joe’s)

once blended, I topped it off with some cacao nibs (unsweetened), for a little extra chocolate bitterness and texture

It was awesome. I highly recommend it!

This wonderful smoothie held me all the way through my Zumba class, which I taught last evening, even though my muscles were yelling at me to lie down. I told them to suck it up.

After Zumba, I headed to my parents to get my gremlin (he stayed with my mama the night before because I was out of the house and the AC wasn’t working. I didn’t want to kill him).

Obviously, I stayed for dinner ;).

While the main course was cookin’, I snacked on some beans and salsa with organic blue corn chips.

the food of my people. viva mexico!!!! (because Tostitos are such an authentic Mexican food, obviously)

My mama made a little seafood delight for dinner, which was basically just scallops that had been sauteed in garlic and seasonings.

Despite what it looks like, no butter was used. Just a little water for liquid.

The scallops were meant to be eaten taco-style (or burrito-style, whatev), but I skimped out on the tortilla (ME!??! NOT FEELING CARBY!?!? WHO AM I!?!?) and instead ate some scallops with a little bit more beans and some cabbage.

the scallops look like potaters

I hardly EVER eat scallops, simply because they’re not my favorite. Last night, though, they were absolutely delicious. I love my mom’s cooking :).

I finished my dinner off with a little pineapple “treat”.

homemade pineapple-basil juice. Bomb.

So frothy, so delicious. I’ve posted the recipe for this drink before, HERE.

Another highlight of last night was getting to see my uncle. Although he lives in town, I hardly ever get to see him, so when he stopped by for dinner, I was quite excited.

Here he is being attacked by our canine mob:

I ended up crashing at the parental’s last night, because I was exhausted.

When I woke up, I went for a carbalicious specialty (aaaaand I’m back) with half a bagel and some bananer on the side.

Mind you, this was not whole wheat or whole grain or whole…anything. It was an “everything” bagel and for a measly 2 grams of fiber for one whole bagel, I figured the 10 grams of protein made it a bit worth it. I only ate half the bagel, though, so for all you who cannot divide, that’s 1 gram of fiber and 5 grams of protein. Oh well, you can’t win every time.

P.s. crunchy pb is the best.

Several hours later, I am back at home and have been having a majorly stressful last two hours, dealing with a passport renewal and the people at the post office. Seriously, why can’t anything that has to do with the government run smoothly and accurately? Perhaps this is why I have been putting off this passport application and visa application for some time now. Big, big mistake. If this interferes with my ability to go to Spain, I just might die from disappointment.

Thinking positively. Thinking positively…

For lunch, I busted out a can of tuna that I’ve had buried in the depths of my cabinet for quite some time now. Good thing canned things last forever!


Instead of using mayo, which I don’t even own, I used this to mix ze fishy:

Who knew that plain soy yogurt could taste just as great in tuna as greek yogurt (or mayo).

The recipe for my easy peasy tuna salad is as such:

-1 can tuna (I prefer packed in water)

-1.5 Tablespoons plain yogurt (I used soy, but you could use greek or regular yogurt, too. Just make sure it’s unsweetened.)

-1 Tablespoon mustard (Again, I used regular, but dijon or whole-grain mustard would be just as bomb)

-a ton of cracked peppah

-sprinkle of salt

-2 Teaspoons chives

….and that’s it!

Now, you could totally add more to it if you like a suped-up tuna salad. For instance, chopped up apples and celery gives it a good crunch or a little chopped up pickles or relish would be good, too. Whatever floats your tuna boat.

I ate mine with some blue corn tortilla chips (these things are becoming a habit) and some apple slices


Now, I am currently sipping on this gem:

I wanna be a guava goddess

I am not sure what is on the agenda for the rest of the day. I don’t have to teach Zumba, but I think I am going to hit up another teacher’s class this evening (go ahead, roll those eyes, I don’t curr ;)).

There are also a few options for this evening including, spur of the moment camping with a random friend whom I haven’t seen in ages but miss very much, a BBQ with “da boyz” again from the other evening (we still have half a watermelon left and bottle of vodka. You do the math), or I might actually head up to Phoenix for the evening to see another random friend who hasn’t been mentioned on the bloggy yet. It is all up in the air, really, but no matter the outcome, I am sure it will be grand!

Hope you have an AWESOME Friday, bugaboos.



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To begin this post, I’d like to share with you the search engines that lead people to this blog today:

1. tucson kombucha

2. munchingmamaxita

3. zumba song sweet little senorita hot lit

4. mexifood


This makes me laugh. I believe each thing put into the search engine defines me quite well. Don’t you think?

Alright, on with the food.

I woke up this morning, actually, it was like noon, drenched in sweat (seexxxayyy) because the A/C went out. I was dying. Literally, I felt like it was a slow, painful descent to hell. Absolutely awful. So, I ate breakfast and then immediately ran out the door to meet Reggie at the mall (HELLOOOOO AIR CONDITIONING).

This was what I ate for brekkie:

This little feast includes two slices of 7-grain bread, sandwiching one fried egg, spinach and a morningstar soy sausage patty. I highly recommend this. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

That’s really all I have to say about that.

Once at the mall, Reg and I immediately hit up the coffee shop to get our caffeine buzz on.

This, dearies, is a ginormous iced soy latte, with a side of crazy Reggie expression. I drank about 3/4 of this before tossing it. I felt like I was on crack. I think I could have ran a marathon at this point.

So, to blow off some caffeine buzz, I decided to blow off some money, too.


Way too much money later (ugh there goes so many hours of Zumba), I bought a new top, dress, sports bra, shades, and a giant hole in my heart wallet. I already wore the dress tonight, though, and I think it was worth it ;).

Several hours later, I was back at my hell hole of a sauna house, getting ready to teach Zumba and eating half of an english muffin (sorry, I was in too much of a hurry to take a pic). I also drank half of a raspberry kombucha on my way to the gym.

I was all about the draaaaanks today. Damn you, heat.

My friend, Go-go boy, came with me to Zumba today. It was quite the exciting event. I had a fair amount of people in class and almost half of them were newbies, so he wasn’t the only one being Zumba de-virginized :).

I was proud of him for making it through the whole class and being such a trooper. He said he got a great work out, but as payment, I have to go to jiu jitsu with him. I dunno bout that :/.

The class was great but, unfortunately, half way through the “Drop it low girl” song, where I proceeded to humiliate any male in the surrounding area by making them…well…drop it low (obviously), the speakers blew out and smoke…YES SMOKE…starting coming from the speakers.

Never a good sign.

My manager was not a happy camper, nor was I or my Zumba fiends. I hope he will have it fixed by Saturday morning :(.

After Zumba, Go-go boy and I headed back downtown and separated for a few hours until I was back at his place for a little BBQ. Originally, I was supposed to go out with the gals tonight, but I decided to save some money and chill with da boys.

I was in charge of the guacamole, salsa and I brought a watermelon just for kicks. The guacamole (which for SOME DAMN REASON I didn’t get a picture of) was a complete hit and all the boys thoroughly enjoyed it. The watermelon was also gone in like 5 seconds. Those college boys can eat. Shall I mention I was the only female at this event? Sometimes surrounding myself with a little testosterone is all I need (hah).

Here is how I made the guac (to serve about 8 people):

1. Cut 5 avocados length-wise and remove the pits.

2. Scrape all of the avocado “meat” into a bowl and mush with a fork.

3. Squeeze 4-5 Mexican limes (the little small ones that pack a punch) over the avocado mush and then stir.

4. Add about 1/2 cup of any salsa you like and stir all together.

5. Grab chips, dip, munch, enjoy.

While the boys were grilling burgers and hot dogs, they also threw some veggie burgers on the grill for me. What gentlemen, no? At one point, Kev tried to convince me I had picked the wrong burger (they were Boca brand and sometimes it’s so hard to tell a difference not having eaten real meat in over two years!) and I wanted to cry. He laughed at me.

I ate my burger with ketchup, mustard, pickles and grilled pineapple (go-go boy swears by his pineapple burgers) and I also split a roasted corn with Kev and had a flew slices of watermelon. The perfect summer feast 🙂

Here are a few pics from tonight’s little get-together:

looks like real meat, no!?!!? No wonder I was skeptical 😉

But, I assure you, it was all soy and all vegetarian 🙂

Da Boyz:

Go-go boy chopping up some melon of water


Go-go boy y Yo

Overall, it was a lovely evening with some really chill people. I’m sorta glad I decided to make it an easy night tonight and I’ll be able to get to bed before ummm…4 am, which would have been the result of hanging out with those two trouble-makers, Reggie and Kittykat ;). I love you boos. I can’t wait for this weekend!!

P.s. my A/C just miraculously turned on. I might scream for joy.

Have a lovely evening/morning pumpkins!!



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1. My A/C broke last night right before the hottest day of the summer. That’s right, folks. It’s a good 108 degrees here today in the old pueblo and our house is like a sauna. Seriously? FML.

2. I am no longer allowed to go to the mall. I am broke. I did get some cute stuff, though.

3. My friend Go-go boy is FINALLY coming to my Zumba class today. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I love when boys come to my classes. It’s very entertaining :).

4. I had a huuuuuge coffee today so I’m like talking/typing/walking/shopping/living a mile a minute. Hence, this random blog post that I am writing just to type off some energy.

5. Grem (my pup) is driving me crazy. He has decided to NOT go to the bathroom outside anymore and thinks that going around the house is a much better option. I mean, I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t wanna go outside in this weather either, but seriously…I’m about to punt him across the room the next time I come home to find his little present. I let him out like ten times a day. He knows better. Little brat.

6. I need a new Zumba warm-up song. Right now, I’ve been using “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. It’s getting old. Any suggestions?

7. Song of the day:

Nothing like a little old school punk rock Sex Pistols to get you jumping off your caffeine buzz.

Be back later with a real post!



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