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Don’t know when I’ll be back again (ok, so I’ll be back in December but humor me)

That’s right, folks. The time has come. The mamacita is now journeying off into another country…another stage of life…a new set of family, friends and amazing days and nights, simply awaiting my arrival.

Pause for shriek of excitement.

I never thought this day would come. I’ve dreamt of studying abroad since I was a wee little girl (isn’t that the only reason people go to college, I thought?). Now that it has come down to the last 17 hours remaining in the US, I’m scrambling to say my final goodbyes to all my loved ones.

Other than making the rounds of goodbyes to the city of Tucson, I’ve been preparing for becoming a European in the all-essential way:

1. Listen to techno for approximately 24 hours a day (yes, that would require sleeping with iPod headphones every night while dreaming of sexy Spaniards in white linen pants and sucking on pacifiers at a wild rave).

2. Eat spoonfuls of Nutella. Europeans go ape-sh*t for this stuff…and so do I.

chocolate hazelnutty goodness

3. Transform into a European-hipster by toting a vintage camera and becoming an artistic photographer for the next few months.

so excited to use this baby

4. Acquire proper reading materials:

compliments of my Uncle Charles, whose knowledge on traveling as a college student much-appreciated

*book reviews to come!!*

5. Pack light. By light, I mean stuffing your entire wardrobe into two suitcases and bringing an extra giant duffel for the entirely new European wardrobe to-be-bought over there. I’m not high maintenance, I’m just fashion-cautious.

6. Finally, spend as much time as possible with those that you will miss most :(.

…including this little guy…

how will I ever survive without him :(!?!?


Spain, here I come. Bloggers, get ready for a whole new array of food (can’t even believe what I’ll be eating over there), friends, travels and mamacita mishaps (only to be expected) over the course of the next 4 months.

See you in España!!!!!!!!!!


Munching Mamacita


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Five life goals:

1. Move to NY…or Boston…or Miami. I’ll go anywhere at this point.

2. Get my masters.

3. Vacation in Thailand.

4. Learn a third language. I’m thinking Italian or portuguese.

and the number one goal on my mind right now…

5. See David Guetta live in España OR Ibiza if we’re really thinking big here 😉

David Guetta, I dig yo beats brotha.

Much Love ❤


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Finding Balance


isn't she precious??

Now, on to the juicy stuff.

Although my schedule these days has been far from strenuous (and many of my nursing school/nutrition/business major/etc. etc. friends are hating me right now for gloating about it), there are still many ways in which I must find balance in my life.

I find that when one aspect of my life outweighs the other, I feel out of whack and down right unhappy. That said, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still socializing during the weekends (sometimes 1, 2…3 days a week. On special occasions ;)) can be difficult, but definitely not impossible.

Last night was a perfect example of how to keep things fun, but not finding yourself hugging a toilet feeling dysfunctional the next day.

First things first. EAT A GOOD DINNER.

Something with a good amount of carbs and protein to both sustain and energize the hours of fiesta-ing to come.

pre-party balllzzz

This brown, mushy mess I call dinner was 1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s frozen quinoa with chunks of sweet potato and zucchini heated with 6 meatless meatballs and mixed with a little ponzu dipping sauce.

It was light, yet filling and the perfect, satisfying dinner to withhold me through a night of shenanigans.

What are shenanigans you ask?

Allow me to show you.

jellybean and seester sippin on their drizzanks. Seester is double fisting bc she parties like a rockstar

me and the infamous hockey boy


me and the galz

and just to show you how serious I am about getting DOWN on the dance floor…

oy vey

It was a fabulous night…yet it ain’t over yet. Round two of Seester’s party bash is this evening. Lord help me.

This morning I met up with the girls again for a little b-day breakfast. Nina chose to come to this little gem…

Oh Bobo's, how thee cureth even the worst of hangovers

Bobo’s is a Tucson treasure. Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t say TREASURE, but it sure is unique. On any given Saturday morning, you will find yourself surrounded by half of the University of Arizona campus, aligning out the door, awaiting their beloved Bobo’s breakfasts.

Everything here is down-home Mom’s cookin’. Even though my Mama never really cooked like this, but that’s besides the point.

Home fries, grits, eggs n’ bacon, chicken fried steak (mmm mmm mmm CLEARLY a vegetarian’s paradise).

But what Bobo’s is most famous for are their gargantuan cakes. Pancakes, that is.

here is my blueberry/banana pancake shown with my hand for a size reference

I had not even half of this pancake before calling it quits. I know, I’m such a wuss. I did, however, also eat two poached eggs on the side (mamacita was huuuuunngrryyy) and chugged water like nobody’s business.

watching the cooks do their thang

waitin' for our cakes

birthday smooooch!!!

Overall, I think the first half of Seester’s birthday was a success. Round two shall be even bigger and even better.

We are going to dinner at a fabulous place tonight (which I cannot say on here because it is a surprise to Seester) and afterwards we will be hitting up some hot spots around town.

In the end, finding balance in my life means spending quality time with the people I love most while simply keeping the other aspects of my life in order. Perhaps I am over emphasizing this because I am jetting off to live in another country in oh, four days, but regardless, some days I may slip up. I may fail a test, I may eat not so fabulously or eat fish when I claim to vegetarian *gasp* oh the horror!!!! I may get a speeding ticket on the way home from Zumba (oopsie). I may not always pay my bills on time (even though I try so so so hard to keep on top of it!!!) I may not always cook wholesome, homemade meals and eat out more than I eat in these days. I may be clumsy, do everything last minute and pray that it works out…possibly because I like the thrill of the risk. Nevertheless, with all of these mishaps and mistakes, the overall balance in my life is at equilibrium and I can gladly say that this next journey into a new country will only challenge me to find balance in my life more and more.

Peace and Love bloggers.



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Being a ready-to-go-abroad student while all my friends have begun yet another wonderful year as undergraduates is not as spectacular as it may seem. My skin is crawling with anticipation to just leave this darn country already!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind this extra week of summer, spending my days frolicking around T-town, going to fabulous lunches with the madre, teaching Zumba in the evenings and sleeping in to my heart’s desire. (Seriously, who could complain with that sort of lifestyle?) But with everyone else getting back to the grind, I’m feeling a little…well…left out. Maybe it’s that itching urge to go-go-go that’s always in the back of my mind. When I’m in school I’m always dreaming of summer but when I’m out of school, I can’t help thinking there is something more I need to be doing.

Always greener, eh?

One thing I HAVE been doing these last few days is taking pictures of all the beautilicious delights I’ve indulged in. Don’t worry about the order or sequence in which they were eaten. Simply enjoy their foodgasmic beauty. Even the cup of Life (which I felt appropriate to eat since I feel like I don’t have a real one right now). Bah!

Buddha's Delight with a side of the beloved nutritionally-devoid white rice

Enjoyed with Jellybean while watching the movie “Chloe,” which perhaps was the most erotic and disturbing movie I have ever seen. Julianne Moore, I expected more from you, you ferocious red cougar beauty, you.

On a side note: Jellybean just got back from working in London over the summer. She brought me a little gift from the beloved 3-story Whole Foods there. When I die, that will be my heaven.

matches my widdle pink nailsies

Best gift I’ve received in a while.

Now, for the most delicious esalada I’ve had in ages:

Greens, I never thought you could be so sexy

I went to lunch with my beautiful mumsies at the local Tohono Chul Park tea room. Tohono Chul is a beautiful area in Tucson, known for its desert gardens and beautiful natural element. People come here to walk through the desert trails, spying little desert creatures pausing to smell the delicious hibiscus flowers, while catching shade under the tall, mesquite trees. Amongst this Tucson jewel is a small tea room and gift shop. Our main purpose for stopping here was to get some Arizona-themed gifts for my host family that will be taking me in for the next 4 months in Spain. Ok, let’s be real, my main purpose was to stuff my face but that can be our little secret.

In the salad:

Spinach, corn, chickpeas, green peas, cukes, black olives, peppercinis, onions, pepitas, avocado, tomatoes, crunchy, buttery croutons and a sprinkle of Mexican cotija cheese. I ordered the house herb vinaigrette instead of the ranch that it originally came with. I licked this plate clean.

…and no one goes to the tea room with out getting dessert. Obviously.

wipe that drool off your face 😉

This would be the “Banana Napoleon.” Layers of puff pastry with homemade whipped cream, sprinkled with fresh bananas, berries and a light caramel sauce. Gasm.

When I’m not out eating culinary masterpieces, I’m at home torturing my dog and taking pictures of his cute little shaky face.

Please refrain from calling animal protective services on my arse.

I love Life.

especially when eaten in my designated "Wildcat Dad" mug

My evenings the past few days have been spent visiting friends and spending time with the new-to-the-blog hockey boy. Sorry to be so mysterious, but I feel like my dating life should probably be left off the blog until…further notice ;). All I have to tell you is that I am very happy right now with or without a main man in mah life :)…but having one to snuggle and watch movies with ain’t too bad either.

Lunch with Mama round dos was at the amazing Harvest restaurant in Oro Valley (north of Tucson where I grew up aka my stomping ground). Harvest is a newer restaurant that offers a lot of local, organic fare. The entire menu is ever-changing and highlights foods that are only in-season and at the peak of their taste. The menu is PHENOMENAL. We had a hard time deciding what to choose.

We got a little crayzay and ordered some cocktails at noon. It’s five o’ clock somewhere, right? Probably in Spain?

appetizing it up with a side of sweet voda lemonade (mama's) and my honey gin martini (i'm a gin gal)

We had waaaaayyyy too much fun. Especially after my poor mama was drunk on off of her one cocktail. Love her.

mushroom and tofu pot stickers. To-LIVE-for.

The sweet and sour-like sauce that came on the side was delicious enough to be eaten with a spoon. I refrained, but I thought about it. Is that shameful?

For my main dish, I ordered the quinoa tabouli with seared ahi tuna. There I go again, being pescatarian. Sorry widdle fishies but I like to eat you. No hard feelings :(.

Oh. Em. Gee. I need to learn how to make this at home. THAT GOOD.

With a mix of nutty quinoa, chopped onions, tomaters, mango, and cukes atop a bed of buttery bib lettuce, you could not go wrong ordering this dish. The slices of ahi tuna were so thin and so delightful.

I also snagged some of my Mama’s dish: the organic tuna sandwich on whole wheat with a side of cucumber and jicama salad. YUM-O.

isn't she lovely?

The tuna salad sandwich was BOMBDIGGITY (and I don’t use that word lightly). With chunks of organic apples and jicama, this tuna salad was far from average. There was also a big, chunky tomato squished in there and the whole thing was sizzled to perfection. Utter perfection.

…and because we were celebrating…life? We ordered dessert for the second time this week. Hell yes, we did.

chocolate-filled beignets. Holy foodgasm.

If this isn’t making things all hot and heavy for ya there’s something wrong with you.

On the agenda for the next week:

-Hair cut tomorrow. Thinking of chopping off my beloved locks, but I don’t think I can get myself do it. Suggestions?

-Checking my mailbox religiously for any sign of my visa. Any day now. Any day now.

-Spending as much quality time with my loved ones as possible.

-Learning a thing or two about my Dad’s 1977 Nikon. Time to shoot it UP in Europe as much as possible. I think I need to go practice shooting. Hockey boy and I have been talking about going out to San Xavier mission in Tucson for a while. Perhaps we can squeeze that in somewhere.

-Seester’s birthday shebang on Friday! Woop Woop! My little one is growing up so fast!!

and is there something I’m forgetting?

Oh ya, I’m going to Spain in one week. Hah! Imagine that ;).

Fabulous things ahead. Stay tuned!



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Oh you fancy, huh?

Having way too much fun over here.

Dinner tonight with Seester and Jellybean. We’re thinking Chinese straight from the take-out boxes. Expect tofu and brown rice in the near future.



Song of the day:

Drake, will you marry me?

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That’s right, folks.

I am hard-core crushing on life right now. I hope you weren’t expecting me to announce some sort of love-at-first-sight encounter with some muscle-y man who has swept me off my feet. Nope. (Maybe in Spain ;)) The truth is, I’m in love with being SINGLE. I’m in love with my amazing life and all the truly incredible people who are in it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this happy and well…grounded.

It feels so dang good to be free, dontcha think?

Free to do whatever I please 🙂

Free to eat frozen yogurt to my heart’s delight

with a mound of fruit and chocolate? But of course!

Free to consume colossal amounts of carbs in the form of wheaty bagel heaven

Free to have my cake and EAT IT TOO

in both the figurative and literal sense of the saying

Free to dance the night away with my girls to our new favorite song:

Free to go on three different dates in one week with three different people!

Ok, so maybe now I’m taking things a bit too far 😉 but all I know is I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!!!



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I smell like rootbeer

Hola 🙂

Happy Humpday everyone!! Is it just me or is this week just flying by?? I guess  they do say time flies when you’re having fun and fun is something I’ve had a lot of lately.

I hope I didn’t scare any of you readers away showing a sneak peek to the wild child inside me. What can I say? I’m young and like to live it up BUT that won’t stop me from blogging about things such as…oatmeal. Sure, many might find oatmeal bland and boring, but I beg to differ.


For breakfast a few days ago I decided to start my “back to Tucson” detox with a big ol’ bowl o’ yogoats (ahem,I use the term detox casually as in I’m no longer drinking quarts of vodka and doing shots of Patron, only a couple cocktails away from becoming Lindsay Lohan. Ew).

In the mix:

I cooked about 1/3 cup quick oats in water and then mixed in about 1/2 cup of nonfat Greek yogurt. Normally, I would add some type of berries or other fruit to this, but my family had CLEARLY not been anticipating my arrival (psh) and did not have a fruit or green vegetable in the house. How am I related to these people? So, I took my “fruit” in the form of the 5 raisins that were in the cinnamon-raisin peanut butter (about 1.5 tablespoons). I drizzled about two teaspoons of REAL maple syrup on top and called it breakfast.

Done and done.

Hours later, after cleaning my room to a repeated list of “Vegas” songs that I have uploaded to my iPod (can you tell I have a hard time letting go of fabulous vacays and coming back to reality?), I decided lunch around the hour of oh…3 o’clock was completely reasonable.

blood of goat and a side of toast

Sorry I’m so morbid.

I bought a boxed tomato soup from Whole Foods ages ago, and found it in the depths of my “in need of desperate food” bag that I packed with me when I moved home. Again, is this considered a vegetable?

I decided I could go for a wee bit more protein, so I steamed some shrimp in a pot with about an inch and a half of boiling water and seasoned it with some lemon pepper.

side of ****tail sauce. Dirty word.

A couple hours later, before jetting off to teach Zumba, I was in dire need of a little carbage so I went for the standard carbolicious choice.

about 3/4 of a cup plus 1 cup plain soy milk.

Eaten with the only piece of fruit I could find in this damn household:

baby bananer. So widdle!!!

Zumba was fabulous but after wearing 5 inch stilettos all weekend, my ankles were ready to snap in half after the first couple songs. I also went to a Zumba class yesterday morning, taught one last night AND have to teach one again in a few hours. Let’s just say, ice and Icy Hot have been my new best friends…and now I smell like rootbeer. HOT.

Dinner that night consisted of a night out with the “girls.” I use the term “girls” lightly because my flamboyantly fabulous friend Peter joined us, but he is totally one of the girls ;).

Peter was in the mood for Chinese, so we went to my favorite little hole-in-the-wall restaurant and I ordered my usual tofu, brown rice and veggies.

Sauce on side. Bada Bing. Bada Boom.

As for yesterday? Well, it was fabulous.

How could it not be when you are with company as beautiful as theeees:

Sexy Seester

During the summer (when not in summer school), I find that breakfast sometimes no longer exists in my life as a meal. As a dietician-to-be, this is a horrible way to start my career.In the famous words of someone famous who I do not know, “Do as I say not as I do.”Hence, to have a super-duper fantasmic metabolism and to keep that healthy lifestyle I advise that you DO NOT go to Vegas and come home at 7:00 am with people that will so willingly order you room service, where you will find yourself eating your third meal of the day in the form of french fries and a tuna melt.


DO eat breakfast on a regular basis to start your days off sunny-side up (heh I’m funny ;)).

Now that we’ve clarified, I slept until about 8:15ish, ate half a luna bar and headed out the door to Zumba. Afterwards, I headed to Seester’s, showered by bod and we headed out to lunch at BJ’s brewery and restaurant at around noon. I was borderline about to pass out from starvation, as in, at the point of seeing double. Once again, don’t do this.

minestrone soup devoured in 0.5 seconds. Slurping highly suggested.

For ze main course:

Thai shrimp lettuce wraps

I ate about 3/4 of this and then felt fulfilled with a shrimpy food baby. Sexy.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of catching up with Seester, watching The Proposal while icing my ankles and passing out on her bed for about an hour only to realize “crap, I have to work today.”

On the way up north, I needed to wake myself with a little bit of ze crack.

iced coffee with soymilk + 2 Splenda.Yeah, Splenda. So, sue me.

I’d like to dub this coffee the magic elixir of all aches,pains and “ouch ouch” ailments. I found that the combo of this, Icy Hot and some good shoes helped me really truck through my Zumba class AND LET ME TELL YOU it had been hard for me to even STAND UP during the day, let alone teach an a$$-kicking Zumba class. Once again, S-bucks has saved my life. No wonder I relinquish the majority of my funds here.

Dinner was simple and eaten quickly, since this Mamacita had a little date last night *gasp*. Sorry, folks, no pictures on the date occurred nor will be posted. I’ll give you one little tid-bit: he is a hockey player for the University of Arizona Ice Cats. Stalk on your own if you’re that creepy.

Oh ya, here was dinner…

seared ahi tuna with sauteed zucchini, yellow squash and a side salad. Made by Mama 🙂

As for today’s agenda? I had brunch with Seester (AGAIN BECAUSE I WUV HER) but no pics were taken because this nitwit forgot her camera. Doy!

I had to deal with a bunch of bureaucratic b.s. earlier (ughhhhhhhhhh) that’s all I have to say about THAT and the rest of the evening will consist of teaching Zumba and…*gasp* date part deux with Señor hockey player. Normally two dates in two days ain’t really my thang, but since I leave in, well, two weeks for SPAIN, I figure I need to pack in all the time I can get. Plus, he’s super cute;).

Byebye bloggers!


Munching Mamaaaaaaa

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