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Feels like Fall



Amsterdam tomorrow ❤

Since I won’t be back before Sunday…

!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Munching Mamacita


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The time is so close, yet so far away…

…starting to get those butterflies 😉


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Thinking in investing in one of these:

















Perhaps I may have underestimated the difficulty of my exams for this week.

Guess who will be sitting in the cervezería for the next trillion hours, surrounded by phonetics notes, bumbling like a loon with a pencil in one hand and café con leche in the other??

Sorry folks, but the Madrid update is gonna have to wait. Time to *gasp* do work.

Later alligators.



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Ay yay yay madre mia

Headed to the city mañana…













Between playing host to mis Brasileños and studying for midterms I don’t think you’ll be seeing much of me on the bloggy the next few days. No worries, though. You know I always return eventually ;).

Lots of love ❤ ❤ ❤


Munching Mamacita

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Blog Update

In lieu of the changing of the season, I thought the blog could use a little change in format. Unfortunately, my not-so-savvy computer skills inhibited me from making a super-sick webpage and, instead, effing up all the sizes of my previous post pictures and having semi-cool-kinda-boring web page.

Ay yay yay, madre mia.

So be it. At least you have some pretty fall leaves to look at.

On a side note: feeling a TAD homesick today. Mostly missing my family and my friends back home. Perhaps it is all the nostalgia that comes with Fall and everything I love about being home this time of year. Going to the pumpkin patch, dressing up for Halloween (that won’t be happening this year), seeing all the houses decorated in fall/halloween decor, APPLE CIDER. Just the little things that make these couple of months extra special.

No worries, this fluke of homesickness shall pass in, oh I don’t know…an hour? After all, Spain has captured my heart and there are too many exciting things coming my way to want to go home now!!

Regardless, I miss my loves. You know who you are.



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Rollin on Spanish time

Everything seems to be running a little bit slower today…

My internet…



My brain…

Perhaps everything in my life is permanently on Spanish time? This is how I refer to the fact that nothing in Spain is ever on time nor are any of the people who live here. Coincidentally, this is how I usually roll. My family is notorious for being late (and by family I mean my parents, myself, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles. Basically, the whole clan) so Spanish time is equivalent to Anna-time but even I have my limits (after all, I was raised American and, as we all know, Americans like things done fast).

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. No, I am not referring to THAT. Get you’re mind out of the gutter.

Anywho, just as today seems to be running on Spanish snail time, my entire weekend was the same way. Four glorious days spent in Barcelona was more than enough time for me to embrace the Catalunya culture and see everything at the top of my list.

Enough with the talking. On with the tour of Barca…

Friday, the girls and I arrived SUPAH early to Barcelona (think 4 am train ride to Madrid airport) and left all our crap at the hostel, jetting off to Las Ramblas right away for a little mercado-street entertainer-fruit juice action.


oh look, you can't even tell what this is


What I was trying to capture in this picture was the outside of the hustling and bustling mercado on Las Ramblas. Much like the mercado I went to in Madrid…but on steroids.

There is a good chance if I lived in Barca, I would be 3 million pounds because this place would entice me every day of my life.

The main highlight of the mercado was the amazing, freshly-made juices that they sell all day long. We may or may not have stopped by every day to try out all the flavors 😉


coco y fresa (coconut and strawberry)


Looks like pepto. Tastes way better.

This trip to BCN was also a celebratory trip for Alejandra’s birthday! Seeing as how her favorite food in the world is sushi, we were on a mission to find some while scavenging Las Ramblas and the hidden streets of the Gothic district.


Hello Sushi 🙂



Hello Lovelies 🙂


Hello bomb Japanese food…





pear and walnut salad



tuna roll



...and the roll that we so lovingly referred to as "those crunchy sh*ts"


Alejandra and I shared the rolls and left the restaurant sufficiently-stuffed with Japanese food babies, as opposed to my standard Mexican food baby. As you can tell, in terms of eating, I get around ;).

The rest of the Barcelona trip consisted of a lot of museums.

Pre-Colombian art museum (super cool), Picasso Museum (mesmerizing), Spanish comic art museum (absolutely awesome) and then, of course, this museum…


speaks for itself


and then there was the amazing Gaudí walking tour, because no Barca trip is complete without a trip to the architect’s masterpieces.

La Sagrada Familia (in the last picture) captivates me every time. No photo can do it justice. The immense amount of intricate details in Gaudi’s art is impeccable. Go see for youself ;).

After hours of sightseeing and walking Las Ramblas, the girls and I would come back to the hostel completely exhausted. Obviously that didn’t stop us from continuing the fun, though ;).


let's play a game called "finding nemo"...



I found him 🙂


(just for clarification this was an M&M, not some crazy mind-altering psychedelic, thank you very much)

Night life in Barcelona is great but, to be honest, I think I much prefer going out in Madrid. I know, I know, I think I can hear gasps all the way from your side of the computer and maybe I just didn’t get the full Barca-experience but, what can I say, Madrid is like my second home to me now!

Nevertheless, it was a good time…

The next day, the girls and I were in the mood for something that didn’t consist of fried potatoes, cheese and croissants.

Enter this little gem:


oh yes it is


We found this place named “Organic” in my friend’s travel “Barcelona” book. I convinced my not-so-vegetarian friends to join me for a little animal-loving-plant-eating afternoon and they ended up really enjoying it.


mmmm salad bar


In the mix: mixed greens, BEETS (nom nom nom), cabbage and raisin slaw (no mayonnaise, thank tha lord) and the brightest yellow-shade of hummus ever consumed, all topped with a little organic olive oil and some red wine vinegar and NOOCH. That’s right, even Spain has my beloved nutritional yeast, and you know if it exists in Spain, I’mma find it :).

For my entree, I got the vegetarian crepes with a bright orange carrot-based sauce and stuffed with different types of squash. It came with some very tasty lentils and rice on the side.




Sometimes, I swear I would convert to a Hare Krishna if I could eat like this every day. I mean they seem to know how to get down, right?


git it Hare Krishna, git it


…if only orange were my color.

And of course no meal is complete without organic dessert…alright, any dessert for that matter.


widdle baby coconut pudding 🙂


This sign was up in another restaurant that we went to (also had a salad bar. cha-ching!) and I found it too true to not take a picture of…

“Una comida sin postre es como un traje sin corbata”

Translation: A meal without dessert is like a suit without a tie.

Words of a wise Spanish foodie.

The rest of the trip was spent perusing the plaza, gazing at the fountains and sitting with our mercado juices, people-watching.

Monday evening (technically Tuesday morning) we arrived back to Madrid and caught a taxi home, where we passed out and got up early for classes the next day.

Just another day in the life…

Unfortunately, all of this traveling, marchando (aka going to fiestas) and lack of sleep is truly catching up to me. I feel like I’ve had a bout of never-ending sickness and am constantly hacking like a true smoking vieja. Sexay.

My plan is to get fully rested this weekend, with a minor excursion to Madrid to see my Brasileños ( in other words, my friends who I met in Portugal) and to study for midterms that start this next Tuesday. Phew.

Then, Thursday it’s off to Holland to see what the glorious city of Amsterdam has to offer.

Be back soon to keep you updated



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Catching my breath

I’ve hardly had time to catch by breath between arriving from Lisbon and leaving for Barcelona. I had a measly 2 days of school this week and now I’m already packing for my trip up north tomorrow at 5 am.


Nevertheless, I am happiest when I am traveling and tomorrow (no matter what the time I must wake up or if roofs shall fall on my head) I will be happy :).

Barcelona is a city known for it’s lovely Gaudi architecture, Picasso museum and it’s partying. I’ve rested up these past two days and I believe I am ready to face the number 2 party city in the world (number one is apparently Ibiza, psh been there done that ;)).

Besides the many chupitos headed my way, some beautiful art and the ever-so-popular ramblas are awaiting me in this lovely city that I went to about 5 years ago now. Barcelona was the first city I went to in Spain that made me decide this is where I wanted to study. Little did I know I’d end up in Madrid, instead, but hey…I ain’t complaining. Regardless, I think my old flame, Barcelona and I are ready to meet again.

As for this evening, I am off to celebrate my amiga, Alejandra’s birthday with some 2 for 1 margaritas and Spain’s version of Mexican food…aka not Mexican food at all but, hey, they try.

Here’s an oldie but goodie. Maná is always in my heart, especially Fer and his long hippie hair. ❤

See you guys next week!!




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