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I’ve returned!

It’s been about a month (or longer?) since I last posted and took my break from the technological world but I am back and pumped to be back with fingers ready to fiddle around on the macbook and enlighten you all with the latest quirks and eats that go on in my world.

So much has been happening since I was last on here. In such a short period of time I’ve been meeting new people, traveling far and wide to the rocky mountains of Denver and Boulder, Colorado. I snowboarded, I snowmobiled, I ran around on St. Patty’s day on the snow-covered streets of Denver and woke up in 80 degree weather the following morning. I’ve been baking and cooking and been cooked for by the lovely man in my life and oh ya…

we got a cat.

Quite a month the past four weeks have been and there’s several things I’ve been loving at the moment…

1. Gardening

Perhaps it’s the spring weather that has sprung the intense urge for me to sink my fingers into some soil but, whatever the reason, I’ve been really into the beauty of barefoot, dirt-digging gardening. Michael (ze boyfriend) and I recently planted some butternut squash, green chilies and tomatoes in my yard that sits quite nicely next to the lovely sunflower he potted for me when we first met. His green thumb makes up for my lack of gardening knowledge but I’m learning a lot and loving every minute of it.

2. Avocados.

This is just one food I can’t put down lately. I’ve eaten it in salads, with cucumbers in rice vinegar and just plain chopped with a dash of salt. These heart-healthy, fatty fruits are keeping me addicted these days.

3. Ovo veganatarianism

Okay, so I don’t think this term truly exists but who wants to label themselves as one thing anyway? If you’ve followed the blog before you’ll know that I’ve dipped my toes into the vegan pool before and then traveled to Spain AKA the land of all things cheesy and meaty and although meat was still off my menu, I threw the rest of veganism out the window and ate greek yogurt and eggs to my heart’s desire.

Now that I’m back in the good ol’ US of A I’m finding myself slowly but surely heading back down the path of eating more foods with less animal products. I’ve discovered I’m not too fond of holding on to a strict, vegan diet but simply enjoy wholesome foods that don’t weigh me down and, for me, dairy has been the culprit of many tummy aches lately. Therefore, it’s back to skippin the cheese and milk and looking for dairy-alternative products that I used to love so much but were not available when I was abroad. Any new products out there that I should try? I’m super into Daiya soy-free vegan cheese right now but I feel like everyone jumped on that food blogging bandwagon product quite a while ago. Anyhow, I’m always up for new ideas!

P.s. guess who celebrated their 3 year vegetarian anniversary this past month? Yay for living meat-free! 🙂

4. Camping

After sleeping out amongst the desert stars about a month back, my heart has been desiring the feel of leaves atop my head and dirt beneath my toes. Michael and I have a camping trip planned soon so I believe that could be a fun future post. I’ll keep ya updated.

5. My CATS! Meow.

My wildcats had an intense game against Duke last night and came out on top to make to it the list of the elite 8. GO CATS!

6. Tucson

My good ol’ hometown seems to be re-vamping it’s style in my eyes and for all those times I’ve down right bashed Tucson for having so little to do, I have begun to feel guilty doubting my dear city’s capabilities of providing me with a good time. From fashion shows to new bars and restaurants opening and a slew of plans every Friday night, I’ve been fully enjoying my college town to it’s fullest. For the first time in a long time, it feels so good to just be home.

As for now, I’m off to do a little crystal shopping with my roommate to make some fun jewelry then it’s dinner with the boyfriend and parents tonight before the rest of the weekend shenanigans ensue.


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